Finishes and Stains

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 We carry a wide assortment of stains and finishes to aid in building your longrifle. If you are looking for an item you do not see, please call us.

We are happy to fill your order via telephone. We will tell you upfront if your parts are on hand, your total and when you can expect your package. Please be aware we are a family mail order business and we do not maintain a conventional store that you can visit.

Phone 434-993-3557

Stains and Finishes for Wood and Metal
Permalyn Stock Finish
An excellent durable finish. Impervious to water, detergents, alcohol and most other chemicals. Designed to quickly build finis and fill the grain.
4.0 fluid ounces.
Price $19.79
Permalyn Sealer
Made from the same components as the Permalyn Stock Finish, but is designed for deep penetration into the stock. The sealer and finish should be used in conjunction with each other.
4.0 fluid ounces.
Price $17.59
Perma Wax
A special blend of waxes, polymers and uv-protectants. Makes worn finishes look like new. Contains no abrasives. Available in two colors. Specify Light or Dark. 4.0 fluid ounces.
Price $14.99
Aqua Fortis Stain
Wahkon Bay Outfitting Co.
 Price $9.75
Chromic Acid Stain
Magic Maple
 Price $9.75
Tru-Coat Stock Finish
Wahkon Bay Outfitting Co.
Good for keeping a natural
oil finish looking good.
Price $7.75
Homer Dangler Stain
Available in four colors.
Reddish Brown
Dark Brown
Golden Brown  Price $7.00
Homer Dangler Browning Solution Price $7.00 Birchwood Casey
Brass Black
 3.0 fluid ounces.Price $10.00

Barrel Brown And Degreaser- A cold brown. Degrease and brown in one step. On the average of four to six coats at 3 hr intervals will result in a reddish to dark chocolate brown. Details on use are supplied with each Bottle. One bottle will do several rifles 2.5 fluid ounces.
Price $15.39

Antique Wood Stains- A very strong, non-grain raising selection of stains. May be added directly to the Permalyn finishes. This is very useful when restoring originals. One can will do many stocks. These stains may be reduced for lighter shades by using the Antique Wood Stain Reducer.

  • Maple-Amber with reddish undertones. 4.0 fluid ounces.
  • Lancaster Maple-Brown with yellow undertones. 4.0 fluid ounces.
  • Honey Maple- Lighter than the Maple, as it is named, more honey colored. 4.0 fluid ounces.
  • American Walnut-A rich brown, the classic Walnut color. 4.0 fluid ounces.
  • Walnut- The classic Walnut color with red undertones. 4.0 fluid ounces.
  • Nut Brown- Darker than the Maple. 4.0 fluid ounces.
  • Cherry- Deep reddish-brown color. Very rich color. 4.0 fluid ounces.

Price $19.75 for 4.0 fluid ounces.

Antique Wood Stain Reducer- Add to antique wood stains for lighter shades. 8.0 fluid ounces.
Price $24.99