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We now have a selection of French Honey colored flints to supplement our Black English gun flints!
No extra charge and while supplies last.

We are one of the largest suppliers of knapped Black English gun flints. Our flints range in size from 1/2 inch  to 1 1/8 inches. We stock high quality, hand knapped Black English flints. We sell them one at a time, by the dozen or by the bag.
The bags that you purchase from us are guaranteed not to have been picked over; they are just as they were packed. We stock 6 different sizes and shards.

We are happy to fill your order via telephone. We will tell you upfront if your parts are on hand, your total and when you can expect your package. Please be aware we are a family mail order business and we do not have a conventional store that you can visit.
Phone 434-993-3557


Sizes Available of Black English Flints
1/2 inch Knapped Flint (1/2 x 5/8″) 5/8 inch Knapped Flint (5/8″x 3/4″) 3/4 inch Knapped Flint (3/4″x 7/8″)
$2.90 each or $95.00 Bag of 50
Fits the Russ Hamm, Beckys Lock, CVA and Pedersoli Kentucky
Available in Black or French
$2.90 each$95.00 Bag of 50
Fits the small Siler, L & R Manton, Thompson Center (T.C.), Cochran and Russ Hamm and Dixie.
Available in Black or French
$2.90 each or $95.00 Bag of 50

Fits the Chambers Golden Age, Large Siler and most L&R locks.

7/8 inch Knapped Flint ( 7/8″  x 1″) 1 inch Knapped Flint ( 1″  x 1 1/8″) 1 1/8 inch Knapped Flint ( 1 1/8″ x 1 1/4″)
Available in Black or French
$2.90 each or $95.00 Bag of 50
Fits Davis Jaeger, Chamber’s Early Ketland, Early English and the Tulle lock.
$3.25 each or $105.00 Bag of 50
Fits Charleville, Lott, Tryon, small muskets and fusils, North Star and other trade guns.
$3.25 each or $105.00 Bag of 50

Fits many military locks.
Flint Shards
$2.50 each

We have several boxes of flint shards. These are nice big flakes that don’t measure up for a gun flint.

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We will be adding more products shortly.